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bowl food

Bowl food is ideal if you want to provide something a little more substantial for your hungrier guests than canapés.

The size of a small starter, our bowl food is freshly prepared at your event, beautifully garnished and presented in small white china bowls with a small wooden fork/spoon.

We suggest you choose 3 or 4 mini meals from our selection below.

creamy butternut squash risotto with spinach, fresh parmesan & crème fraiche. (v)

penne pasta with sausage, sage and tomato sauce with heaps of fresh parmesan and fresh herbs

morrocan vegetable or lamb tagine with aubergine, apricots, almonds and fresh mint served on a bed of lemon couscous

vegetable or Chicken korma mildly spiced and cooked with ground almonds, garnished with coriander and chilli and served on a bed of cardamom spiced basmati rice (v)

chicken tikka massala garnished with fresh cream and coriander and served on a bed of basmati rice (v)

sweet and sour vegetables with fresh pineapple, courgettes, peppers and ginger served on a bed of rice (v) 

coq au Vin – Chicken with shallots, baby mushrooms in a

red wine & brandy sauce served with creamy mashed potatoes

traditional beef stew and dumpling served on a bed or creamy mashed potatoes

mini cumberland sausages served on a bed of cheesy and mustard mash with onion gravy

thai green curry with chicken or vegetables or prawns with coriander, basil, green chillies, kaffir lime leaf, coconut cream, thai fish sauce (v)

Small white china bowls & cocktail napkins & wooden spoons included in the cost per head.

All enquires email [email protected]